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Adult science DIY Akari Lights Colourful Origami Paper Table Lamp DZQCDLSDV

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Modern LED technology, of, energy saving, environmental protection16million colours angepasstOrigami Craft Make a wide range of different shapesIndoor use, add to your colour & Light EffectsDifferent luminescence mode, you can choose, more appealing

'Base and Shade which colour A: The Origami lantern light is reflected through the shadow of the light. So do I white lamp shade and base, to ensure the light effect. Is paper for lampshades made of what kind of material A: shades in a variety of paper material, the trend for all your own choice, whilst still allowing to have many requirements presents Paper Only A standard copier paper. You can use your origami. Origami How the lamp shade-Paper Cool brightness will be Answer: Origami bulbs with LED light source is a cold light source, there isn't a fever. For brightness and even adjusting for pure white, please see product description some secret It is recommended that this is only used as a night light. Origami: difficult, manual Please read Answer: Origami 4, difficulty in general is not difficult, but more effort. General initial start fully within 2hours. Showing the world you for the environmental protection and better the buyer as to origami-This Description to give up paper, replaced by electronic video description, video address on the back of the box. (Product Name in Edison invention human first bulb when human on began in electrical life, Bulb In Human Life In The Final files as part has a role in the people at base of lampholder impression is important, and this time to any, the is a heel lighting and decorative of DIY creative small light Akari Origami lamp, this is a heel kit all kinds of craft or lighting, and decorative for a fine small lamp, completely boring and rigid on humans You On A Daily Basis in the light of the picture. Of Lamp, Light are lined with DIY elements Infused, not leave buyer who the

Adult science DIY Akari Lights Colourful Origami Paper Table Lamp DZQCDLSDV

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